What does the future look like?

And what happens if we don't do our part to change it?

How are you being part of the change?

We are a small but mighty organization. Our programs are intended to create a better quality of life.

Our youth is our future. However, due to access and financial challenges our future has been dimmed.

Food Program

Feeding the soul

We provide a box of staple food items on a monthly basis. The items are based on the diet of the region. It is our intention to alleviate some of the stress that comes along with the simple task of putting food on the table.

You must be either unemployed or meet the threshold of the poverty level in your perspective region.

You can apply in person or directly on the site. You will need to submit your proof of unemployment or the most recent proof of pay to proof income level. You will need to also have identification and the number of occupants in your household. 

You must be active on the list every month. In each of the regions, there is a local director and office. Once a month we will disburse the boxes. However they are first come first serve to avoid any favoritism with our limited resources.

We include staples like rice, potatoes, flour, meat, and more. There are consistent items, but each month as we secure more donations some items may vary.

You must be currently enrolled in school that our program services. Call and ask for the list of participating schools.

Your teachers can nominate you for the program. It is their job to identify the children struggling. If wanting to apply directly you must reach out to the director of your region.

We provide tutoring three times a week to coincide with the curriculum covered during the school week.

The services are completely free. They will have access to laptops and technology while present at the center. Our goal is to stregthen their education is all areas of STEM. 


Education matters

Education is crucial to the livelihood of children as they grow. In many cases how they perform in school determines the type of opportunities they have in the future. We are providing tutoring for grade school and secondary school. By helping children achieve educational excellence you instill confidence, brighten futures, start to fix the poverty gap. 

What does the future look like?

ASOB is looking to partner with Non Profit organizations in each region to expand our reach and depth of services. We are to offer childcare and employement prep services in 2020.