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Althenia Morris, CEO

The road is almost never easy, but it is always worth it. If you can bring a smile to someone's face and joy to their heart it is always worth it.

Where ASOB is Planting Seeds

Global Community under one god

United States

We are headquarted in Henderson North Carolina. We here to help those who society has forgotten


We are helping those who need it most. Ghana is a country on the rise. However, as tourism grows there are still families struggling to carve out their dreams


Jamaica is more than a place of paradise for the world. It is land laced with culture and pride. However, a helping hand can make a difference in many lives.

South Africa

Africa is more than just a wasteland. It has emerging technology and leading architecture. The future is based on the children of today. We must nurture those in need, never know who will be the savior of tomorrow.

with each purchase we are closer to our


We live to Serve

Abraham Seed of Blessings

Education Initiative
There are smart kids who often struggling with school work. We work with the school to tutor to bring them up to speed and beyond.
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Abraham Seed of Blessings

Food Program
We provide monthly boxes with staple items that are important to the nutrition and health of families. Relieving hunger solves alot of other issues. 
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Abraham Seed of Blessings

We lead by faith. God is the hand in everything we do. We minister our receipients through hardship and help restore faith and connection. 
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Changing in 2020

Most people hear these countries and think extreme poverty, sadness, and hopelessness. These people love, laugh, and praise. Yes they need help but they are beautifully made people.

Most of the people we encounter are hard working and vibrant people. As seen in some of the videos from our recent look into Ghana you can see the top issue is access and rising costs of living. Help us restore some humanity and ease the load for the hard working and faithful. 

Thankful for our Partners

Join a growing movement of people around the world who are working to spread faith and sow the seeds of charity

Our Current Ministry Partners

What Our Receipients say

Althenia is the most kind hearted person I know. She has taken money out her pocket and shirt off her back if someone needed it. I am grateful for God bringing you in my life.

ASOB is heaven sent. They found out we didn't have groceries and immediately put wheels in motion to make sure we were able to shop at the store with dignity. They are blessed.



Of your donations goes to those we service